Who am I?

My name is Emma Matell-Hyllested and I'm a young girl from Copenhagen, Denmark. I've been photographing since I was 10 years old and it's a passion I've dedicated my life to. Especially fashion photography is in my interest, but also streetstyle and backstage photos. I'm very passionated and besides going to school, I spend almost every second on the day on this. Without here on my website, you can se my work a lot of different places. For example on Denmarks biggest fashion blog Trineswardrobe.dk, Recens Paper, on Anywear.dk, weekly in Metro Xpress fashion section and in Soundvenue.


If you have an assignement for me, please don't hesitate contacting me on Emmatell@live.dk or phone (+45) 51 18 11 55


"What I like about photos? You evoke a moment impossible to reproduce. Gone forever." Karl Lagerfeld

My work

Some of my work. Both fashion-editorials and backstage-photography.